What Base or Bed Frame Should I Buy?

Our Easy Mattress Foundation pairs perfectly with any Brentwood Home Mattress as well as our Metal Bed Frame.

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You can use any foundation, adjustable base, slatted base, or platform bed with 5 inches or less between the supports/slats. For Queen, King, and California King slatted-style bed frames, there should not be greater than 5 inches between each slat in order to provide ample structural support for the foundation. Each slat should be a minimum of 2.5 inches wide. For all of our mattresses, we recommend our Easy Mattress Foundation — it offers a tool-free assembly and is built for lasting support. 

Since a box spring has internal springs, for most mattresses, a box spring can cause additional bounce and motion transfer. However, foundations do not have internal springs, making them ideal for beds and frames that require a base layer under the mattress.

Our Easy Mattress Foundation also provides optimal airflow below the mattress to prevent condensation and mold.

We recommend our Easy Mattress Foundation with our sleek and durable Brentwood Home Metal Bed Frame.

Made in the USA and fabricated from reclaimed railroad steel, the wide-tapered design provides increased stability that can support up to 800 pounds. There are no sharp edges. The interior is reinforced for unmatched strength and the molded system provides smooth, comfortable contours without any squeaking.

Easy, tool-free assembly. The entire support system can be assembled in less than one minute. To do so, drop the wedge-shaped tabs on the rails into the legs of the cross rails and you're done! Headboard brackets are included and provide for easy attachment to an existing headboard.

For personalized comfort, we recommend our Easy Adjustable Bed Frame.

Its adjustable power base allows you to quietly customize sleep positions for your lower and upper body using a wireless remote control. Preset positions include reading, ant-snore, and zero-gravity — a sleeping position that elevates your upper body and legs to reduce pressure points, increase circulation, improve digestion, and reduce snoring, heartburn, and swelling in the feet.

There is also an upper body massage option with variable speeds and styles to help you relax and relieve tension and back pain.

The innovative frame also includes two built-in USB ports on either side to allow you to charge your wireless devices.

Different types of sleepers? We designed our split king size Easy Adjustable Bed Frame as two split units that fit together, enabling partners to customize the bed to their individual choosing. Using two twin XL mattresses, each sleeper can control their bed independent of their partner’s side — so you can always enjoy your preferred position. For king size mattresses, the two separate frames can operate in unison. Included instructions make synchronizing simple.

Setup is easy and requires no tools.

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