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Why Is the Mattress Plastic Wrapped? Is it Recyclable?
Why Is the Mattress Plastic Wrapped? Is it Recyclable?

Our plastic is one of the safest and is completely recyclable LDPE ♶

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Sustainability and transparency are always top of mind when we source our materials. We want to minimize the impact our products have on your health and on the Earth.

The plastic wrap used to wrap our compressed and rolled mattresses, before they are inserted into the shipping box, is Plastic type #4 – LDPE, also known as Low Density Polyethylene. Low Density Polyethylene is most often found in squeezable bottles, shopping bags, clothing, carpet, frozen food, bread bags, medical tubing, and some food wraps. ♶ is considered one of the safest types of plastic.

Please recycle!

Please recycle. ♶ is recyclable and can be recycled into compost bins, paneling, trash can liners, cans, floor tiles, and shipping envelopes. We encourage you to recycle not only the plastic wrap, but any similar type of recyclable plastic. Most neighborhood curbside pickups have recycling programs in addition to most local grocery stores where shopping bags are recycled.

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