Our priority during the coronavirus pandemic is to keep all of our employees safe. The majority of our team is now working from home. In our factory, we have enforced the following safety measures:

  • We have increased our already stringent cleaning and sanitation practices.

  • Any employee who feels sick will stay home and will be screened by their manager before returning to work.

  • Frequent use of and increased access to hand sanitizer.

  • Frequent and proper hand-washing technique, according to CDC guidelines.

  • The majority of factory workers wear gloves and are only exempt if it poses a safety risk.

  • Face masks have been distributed to every employee.

  • Spacing everyone out on the factory floor and in administrative offices at least 6 feet apart.

  • No one, other than employees, is allowed to enter our office or factory including visitors, FedEx, or anyone else making deliveries or picking up packages.

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