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What Do You Do With Returned Mattresses?
What Do You Do With Returned Mattresses?

We work with nonprofits to connect returned mattresses with those in need.

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Everyone deserves a mattress — and a good night’s rest. So our sustainability team developed a nationwide network of over 1,000 nonprofit partners, including local women’s shelters, rehabilitation centers, refugee centers, and centers for those with disabilities. We often work with Family Promise, an organization dedicated to ending family homelessness.

Every year, we donate over 90 percent of our mattress returns and 100 percent of our pillow and mattress topper and protector returns. The impact is multifaceted. Those in need receive valuable resources, nonprofits save money, and we have effectively diverted thousands of metric tons of goods — drastically reducing the waste, energy, and greenhouse gases it would require to return these products to our factory.

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