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Do You Donate or Provide Extended Discounts to Individuals in Need?
Do You Donate or Provide Extended Discounts to Individuals in Need?

Yes! We have a vast network of nonprofits that we work with.

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Our donations are made through vetted social service organizations and 501(c)(3) charities nationwide.

Brentwood Home is committed to supporting social and environmental causes through various initiatives, including our robust Giving Program. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer extended discounts or facilitate donations to individuals in need. We donate our returned mattresses and pillows to vetted nonprofits nationwide who work directly with individuals and families in need.

What is required to qualify through an organization?

Depending on your circumstances, there may be an organization in your area that can support you. We encourage you to get in touch with them directly to see what they can do. If the organization is working with you, have them get in touch with our Sustainability Team directly. If needs align, we’ll be happy to add them to our donation network and reach out as products become available in the area.

What types of organizations do you work with for your returned mattresses?

We work with a wide variety of mission-driven organizations across the U.S. Our partners address a wide range of social issues, including homelessness, domestic abuse, and women's services, addiction, as well as individuals who are refugees, disabled, chronically ill, or natural disaster victims.

Can you give me any specific examples in my area?

We’re unable to provide leads on any organizations in your area given that they all have different criteria in terms of what types of clientele they’ll work with. We encourage you to search your area based on your circumstances and region.

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