When will my credit card payment be processed?

We process the full payment when you place an order.

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We process the full payment when you place an order. The full payment includes all applicable state taxes based on the state the order is being delivered, at the time your order is placed. Due to the made-to-order nature of our products, this is a legal and commonly accepted type of prepayment. 

Typically companies that charge at the time of shipment do so because they do not make their own products and have little to no control over production. For those companies, this is a safe way to mitigate the risk of delayed service due to vendor nonperformance.

As a customer, you do have legal protections: The Fair Credit Billing Act and the Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule protects you from losing your money on an unfulfilled order. 

We try to communicate production delays and expectations to the best of our abilities. You can find information regarding shipping times via our Help Center

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