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What Happens If I Miss My Donation Pick-up Appointment?
What Happens If I Miss My Donation Pick-up Appointment?

We know that life happens. That's why we'll give you a break on your first donation pick-up appointment rescheduling.

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Life happens. Sometimes, despite best intentions, plans fall through. We get that. That's why we give customers a break, and do not charge anything, if they have to reschedule their first mattress return pick-up appointment. 

Subsequent rescheduling will result in a $100 deduction from the total refund cost. 

Here's what we consider a rescheduling:

  • No one being home/present for the movers that results in more than a 10 minute wait period.

  • Lack of communication with movers that results in them moving on to other jobs. 

  • Requesting a reschedule within 72 hours of the originally arranged pick-up time. 

We have implemented this policy in order to remain respectful to everyone's time and energy when it comes to coordinating donation transfers. 

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