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How Do I Submit a Small Item Warranty Claim?

Here are the requirements to make a valid claim and details on how to provide proper photographic evidence.

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Small Items are all products except mattresses or adjustable bases.

In order to process a Warranty Claim, the Claim Form must be completed by the original purchaser of the product. After receiving the claim form a thorough review will be conducted by the manufacturer. The purchaser will be contacted and advised of the next steps.

The entire Warranty Claim Form must be completely filled out before processing begins. A confirmation of receipt of the Warranty Claim Form will be issued. If no confirmation is received within (1) one business day, contact a customer service representative. If we do not receive the fully completed Warranty Claim Form within 30 days of the initial Warranty Claim, the Claim will be closed. If and when the Warranty Claim Form is approved the replacement products will be issued.

How to Process a Warranty Claim

  1. Read the full Small Items warranty for clarity on covered defects, what the mattress warranty does not cover, and your responsibilities.

  2. Download and complete the Warranty Claim form.

  3. Provide valid original proof of purchase — your order receipt and number — demonstrating the date of purchase and that the claimant is the original purchaser and still has the mattress.

  4. If you are processing a warranty claim for a pillow or topper, provide photos of the law tag evidencing that the law tag remains on the pillow or topper and has not been altered, including one detailed photo of the bar code section of the lag tag, which includes the serial number and date of manufacture. Your serial is the large number directly under the barcode.

  5. Provide photos of the item and areas of concern. The more pictures, the better, from different angles. Use a tape measure to reference sizes, when appropriate.

  6. A brief narrative describing the defect and how it is affecting the performance of the item.

  7. Send all requested documentation at one time to [email protected].

Important Notes:

  1. Our warranty claim team will review the information and respond within a few business days.

  2. You are responsible for submitting your claim with sufficient supporting documentation for Brentwood Home to provide a remedy if necessary.

  3. The serviceable area is limited to the 50 states of the United States only. If your Brentwood Home is located outside the USA, you are responsible for any costs associated with pick-up and return.

  4. 30 days of regular usage is required before warranty claims for size variations can be considered. In 90% of these instances, a bit of patience is all that's needed to allow the mattress to fully expand and return to its original size.

  5. This Mattress Warranty is not transferable and applies only to a mattress purchased directly from Brentwood Home by the original purchaser.

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